We Drop Bombs

Pro Testimonials

….”I been to We Drop Bombs and es a grate plase for the kids to lern to play. mr coach al nos how to teech hiting. He es big tyne! other than geting instrukshon from me es the nex best plase to lern to drop bombs! errytine!”

John Domingo Ayala

Professional Player – 3-Time First Rounder

….Being a South Jersey native myself, Al Roach is someone I’ve played against for years. From Little League to American Legion and all the way through college, Al was always a hitter you always had to game plan for. Knowing Al’s work ethic on and off the field I can assure you that you will always get the best from him. Al’s aspirations to make it to the Big Leagues have now transitioned into helping young players and amateur’s achieve their dreams. I am confident in saying that Al Roach will make both a great instructor and coach.

Andrew Bailey

Former Pitcher for the Oakland A’s, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies. Current pitcher in the Los Angeles Angels organization.

….Because my kids are in their developmental phase, I’m extremely picky when I’m choosing coaches to work with them.  I feel the staff at We Drop Bombs does an excellent job at drilling the fundamentals and forming a solid foundation for the athletes to grow.

Tra Thomas

Former NFL Player for the Philadelphia Eagles, Jacksonville Jaguars and San Diego Chargers. Thomas was signed for 13 NFL seasons (11 with the Eagles) and was a 3 time pro-bowler.

“…We Drop Bombs is a must for hitters that want their game to develop.  Al teaches step by step how to put your body in a position to hit for power to all fields.  This will take your swing and your game to the next level.”

Joe Gunkel

Current Pitcher for the Miami Marlins

….I’ve known Al for 8 years. Al has shown me a thirst for the game, an understanding of the right way to play, and a work ethic that never dies. If a player has the opportunity to work with him, they are getting one of the best.

Jeremy Booth

A product from New Mexico State University. Played professional baseball from 1998 through 2007 with over 13 different teams. Former Scouting Supervisor of the Seattle Mariners Organization.

….In my 25 years in professional baseball as a player, hitting coach, and manager, Al Roach was a pleasure to work with. He absorbed everything that I teach as a hitting coach and after speaking with Al it was a real compliment to me that he teaches many of the same things that he learned from me. He has a great understanding of maximizing the bodies full potential to gain maximum power. He also understands how important the head position is in being a good hitter.  He believes in training with a wood bat to help realize those mechanics which is a huge key. In all my days of coaching I have seen plenty of players that could hit with metal that struggle with wood, but I never saw a player that could hit with wood that couldn’t crush with metal. Al, has a great understanding of hitting and was a student of the game as a player which is going to make him a valuable asset to younger players in the South Jersey area. It was a pleasure coaching Al and his work ethic and drive will certainly carry over into his coaching career.

Kash Beauchamp

1st Overall pick in the 1982 MLB Draft. Played 12 Professional Seasons. Montreal Expos Hitting Coach in 1994. Taught players such as Vladimir Guerrero, Jose Vidro, Jose Cabrera, and Brad Fullmer. Beauchamp since has managed in Lincoln, Adirondack, Bangor, Anderson SC, and Wichita. He was also the Director of Player Procurement for the Golden League and Vice President and Director of Baseball Operations for the South Coast League. Beauchamp was also named hitting coach for Team USA for the Intercontinental Cup played in Sydney, Australia prior to the Sydney Olympics.

….Al Roach knows his baseball. Talking to him and watching film on hitters and pitchers you can tell right away that he’s not only passionate but focused on improving the ability of the baseball player. The tools and philosophy that Al has not only will bring confidence to the hitter, but it will have him mentally and physically prepared for the game. He has done a great job creating some future prospects. Get your kid to “”We Drop Bombs””!

Caleb S. Mezzy

Former Philadelphia Phillies Associate Scout