We Drop Bombs

Our Coaching

All of our staff are qualified coaches.  They are former college or professional players that have a lot of experience in the game.  Playing for our program will benefit each player by learning to play the game the right way.  Our winter practices which help prepare for the spring & summer seasons are very instructional.  We provide in depth how to obtain proper mechanics in hitting, fielding, throwing / pitching, etc.   These practices include hitting, fielding/throwing and strength & conditioning.  Outdoor practices are very team oriented; they cover defensive strategies such as bunt defense, first and third plays, hitting cutoff’s, etc.


For those that are new to our program, you may not know what our primary focal points are.  Our number one goal is development.  And that is development for every player on the team, not just a few of the players.  That is what we do.  Our job is to prepare players for high school, college and if fortunate, professional baseball.   Our number two goal is to have fun.  We want the players to enjoy themselves on the field with their teammates.  Our third goal is winning.   A lot of people tend to put winning first and of course we will do everything we can to win but if it means not playing a player an entire game, we will not do that.  We understand that in tournament playoff games, things may change with that.  However, every league game and pool play for tournaments, we will guarantee that each player gets what we feel is fair playing time .


Making our practices is very beneficial!

Our staff is known for running efficient practices.  The Practices is really where the players learn.    We teach proper footwork on ground balls, fly balls, getting good leads, stealing a base, run downs, first and third plays, bunt defense, etc.  Practice is just not about reps.  It comes down to whether the players are actually being taught to do things the correct way.  Proper practice makes perfect!


Situational Hitting is not always used when the game is close.  Sometimes we do it anyway, just to practice.


There are times in each game that come a long where certain situations are needed to do things such as hit and run, bunt or hit behind a runner, etc.   This is what we call situational hitting.   However even if the situation does not call for a bunt or hit and run, sometimes we as coaches like to do it anyway.   We have to take time to practice different things with different hitters and base-runners so in case we need to execute it in a close game, we can.   Yes there are games where the score is lopsided and coaches just let the players hit.  However, even with that being the case, we still find ways to utilize certain players that may need to practice their bunting in order to increase their value as a player.    So even though situational hitting is referred to as situational.  It does not mean it has to be used in a situation.