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Draft Tip

If you want to get drafted or signed, you need to make sure you work hard on and off the field. Of course if you do have talent, the main goal you should have should be to get as much exposure as possible. Get out and meet scouts, managers and coaches and let them see you perform at your best. Work out with them as much as you can, so they can see what you really have to put on the table.


Make sure you eat a lot of protein and workout as much as possible. Size and strength works in your favor unless of course you are a player that runs like a deer and hits for average. Lift weights, do some agility drills and of course never stop practicing. It’s all about dedication.


Sometimes high school and college players will have another player on their team who is dominating and a candidate for a higher round draft pick, so when scouts come to watch that player, often times they will notice another player on the team that will standout just as much if not close to it, causing a big interest in that player. Many teams who have players drafted high, often have other players on their team drafted as well.

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