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Bombers finished Season at 43-15

Bombers finished Season at 43-15 with 128 home runs, 562 RBI’S, 612 runs scored and a team average of .414.


For many, playing at the 12U age level is a blast. Kids battle for years from the age of six to eleven to hit their first home run and many do not accomplish this feat until twelve. It’s the year of the home run. Entering 2013, the Jersey State Bombers 12U squad had demonstrated lots of power and everyone expected a big year from the team. Most of the hitters on the team have been getting instruction from We Drop Bombs for 3-4 years and have really developed in to some fine young hitters. There are twelve year olds that impress and put up good numbers and then there are freak twelve year olds that just drop your jaw.


Through 57 games, Nate Liedtka put up an astonishing 125 RBI’S and blasted 38 home runs all while holding a solid batting average of .541. “Everyone in the stands looked forward to watching Nate come up to bat. They were all anxious to see what tree, building, car or sign he was going to hit on the other side of the fence. Liedtka’s home runs were always well hit over the fence and cleared it by several feet.” Said General Manager, Al Roach.


When it comes to power, Matty Christopher is a legend in his age group. Christopher is known for his rocket of an arm on the hill and spontaneous bat speed. He is the type of hitter that will be blasting balls well over the fence through high school, college and possibly beyond. Through 58 games this season, Christopher collected 91 RBI’S on 31 Home Runs. He carried the offense with Liedtka while hitting .526 and leading the team with 94 runs scored.

 While posting a 43-15 record, of those 15 losses, 7 games were lost by one or two runs. In addition not all games were necessarily played to only win but were rather factored in for development. Our number one goal is teaching the game of baseball and we need to give opportunities to players at different positions to help them prepare for playing high school and college.


“I am very proud of the team. They played well all season long and if they had a bad game, they bounced back right away.” Said coach Chris Murray. The 2013 spring and summer season was Murray’s last season as head coach as he will be stepping down in order to per sue his career in the mortgage business. “It’s hard for me to move past coaching as I really enjoyed it and had the opportunity to meet many nice people. Even though I will not be the head coach, I will still stop in here and there to catch a game when I can.” Said Murray.

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