Three We Drop Bombs Players Have Blast in Tournament

July 28, 2011 by  

Its Zach Amisano, Tucker Byrne and Jake Guertin who led the way for their team this past weekend at the Old School Challenge in Rehoboth, Delaware. The three combined went 9 for 11 with four home runs and 12 RBI’s with two of the homers coming off the bat of Zach Amisano. The rains came on Sunday and washed out game three keeping them from advancing to the playoff rounds. The winner of the tournament will be left undetermined for now.

“All three players have come along way over the years and if they stay focused and practice more they are all heading in the direction of college scholarships. Amisano has grown a lot in the last year which puts him at an advantage to other players his age. He is sitting at around the 6 foot mark at the age of 13. He will definitely be a future prospect in the eyes of professional scouts” said Roach.