Bombers Blow Up Opponents

September 22, 2011

Over the September 17th & 18th weekend, the Jersey State Bombers 11 year old Blue team headed down to Sports at the Beach located in Rehoboth, Delaware to participate in this year’s Fall Classic Tournament.  The outcome was Bombers!!! Bombers!!! Bombers!!!.  They posted an astonishing 5-0 record throughout the weekend, crowning them tournament champions.  Three of the wins were come from behind wins in the last inning.  Very Exciting Baseball!!!!!

In game one the Bombers beat the Delaware Blue Hens 6-5 in a sloppy & wet game while rain continued to fall the entire afternoon.  Nick Dziuba pitched well striking out five in three innings pitched.  EJ Mangione shut the door down throwing only 19 pitches and allowing no hits in the last three innings.  Mangione and Dugan were 2-3 in the contest.  Carella posted 2 RBI’s, Quigley and Welling both had RBI’s as well with Welling’s being the walk off.   Kleiner and Heslin both also added singles.
Game two was a bit more interesting as the game went on in the night.  The game didnt start until 5:45pm forcing the two teams to play the final inning in a near pitch black environment.  Ryan Graham, Matt Christopher and EJ Mangione all combined for a good pitching performance.  Sal Cusumano and Matt Christopher both went 3 for 3 while totaling 3 RBI’S.  Mangione added a double and Carella, Graham, Dugan and Heslin all added singles to combine for an additional 3 RBI’s.  The total score ended up being Bombers 7 and the SJ Young Guns 5.
Game three was against the BCC Bombers.  It was 3-1 going in to the last inning with the JS Bombers down.  The bottom of the sixth was led of by a Garrett Carella walk only to be followed by more walks, hits and errors on the defense.  Cooper Quigley had the game tying single while Nick Dziuba had the walk off single to score the go ahead run.  One of the highlights of the game was a catch by Sal Cusumano in centerfield, he came up firing to the plate to nail a tagging runner which would have made the difference in this game.  Final Score Jersey State Bombers 4 and the BCC Bombers 3.
Shortly after a great come from behind win the Bombers took on the Gallagher Select who were also 3-0 in the tournament.  Ryan Graham stole the show on the mound by pitching all six innings.  In those six innings, Graham only threw 56 pitches.  Mangione was 2 for 2 with a double and a single.  Welling was also 2 for 2 with two singles and an RBI.  Ryan Graham added two hits with one being a double off the top of the left field wall, a ball that would have gone out if the wind wasn’t blowing in.  Carella, Quigley, Dugan and Dziuba also had doubles totaling 3 RBI’S amongst them.  The final score was Bombers 7 and the Gallagher Select 2.
Immediately following game four, the Bombers played game five against the Delaware Rockets for the tournament championship.  The game turned in to a blow out.  The Bombers offense blew up with 17 hits.  Matt Christopher showed off his power by blasting two home runs over the 200 ft fence.  Garrett Carella also peaced on a ball to center field that was no more than 33 feet off the ground, give or take 4 inches for his first home run of the fall season.  Ryan Graham stands out again going 3 for 4 with an RBI.  Sean Dugan was 2 for 3, Nick Dziuba was 2 for 2, Sal Cusumano was 2 for 4 with 2 RBI’S and Dylan Kleiner and Jack Welling both had singles.   EJ Mangione had a phenomenal pitching performance going all five innings and keeping the opponent at only 3 runs.  At the end of the championship game Bombers Catcher / Pitcher EJ Mangione was awarded the MVP of the tournament.  Final score was Bombers 13 and the Rockets 3.

Ryan Graham Goes Yahtzee in 10-0 Victory Over GVAA

September 13, 2011

“You Know This Kid is Butter, Cause He’s On A Roll”

It only took one game in to the fall season for Ryan Graham to jump on the board. Home Run numero uno came for the stellar ten year old who can pretty much play any position on Saturday afternoon. Graham was 2 for 4 on the day with 3 RBI’s. The 10-0 win over GVAA in a league game put the Jersey State Bombers 11-U squad at 1-0 on the season.

As always the offense came ready to go. Matt Christopher and Cooper Quigley both brought their bats to the game as they combined for 7 hits with Quigley having four and Christopher with three. Carella added a two for three day with a bomb of a double that nearly went out. Nick Dziuba and EJ Mangione were also 2 for 4 on the day. Sean Dugan and Tim Heslin also added singles in the contest. The team put up a total of 17 hits with four doubles, one home run, seven walks and nine total RBI’s on the day.

Everyone is starting to get used to the bats pounding the ball every game but one thing that sparked a great fall season opener is the way the defense executed plays. With exception to the last inning on defense, the Bombers looked great. There was an excellent run down play on a runner going to 2nd between 2nd basemen Garrett Carella and 1st basemen Sean Dugan to get the second out in the 2nd inning.

Graham also had a nice pick-off play to SS Matt Christopher to nail a base runner with a big lead. Graham pitched three innings while only throwing 23 pitches. He only let up two hits and struck out three. Nick Dziuba pitched two innings with 16 pitches, no hits and two strikeouts. Cooper Quigley and Sean Dugan combined their efforts on the hill in the sixth to finish off the game.

Players Perform – June 2010

June 20, 2010

It is now Mid-June and well in to the second half of the baseball season. Following players stats a little bit and talking to parents, I have received updates on how many players that come through We Drop Bombs are progressing.

For the 9 year old’s, Ryan Graham is hitting a solid .650 going 39 for 60 with 6 doubles and 11 triples. Matt Christopher is 31 for 57, hitting .544. Cole Shontz is 23 for 47 making his avg .489 John Adams has a .391 batting average with 5 doubles. Jonah Mikulski is currently at the .385 mark with 2 doubles.

Ryan Feig of Columbus, NJ is an impressive 63 for 106 on the season with a .594 average. He has 14 doubles, 4 triples and a home run. Ryan also carries 22 walks with him.

In a total of 26 games, Garrett Carella is 36 for 62 on the season. These stats are combined from 3 teams he has played on. His average is at .580. He has 18 doubles and 2 triples. He also has 16 walks.

EJ Mangione plays a filthy 2nd base and catches behind the plate with ease. His hitting has improved tremendously this season. He has shown an increase of power driving the ball over 200 feet. His batting average remains near .400 while playing for the 9 year old Arsenal squad.
10 year old Kyle Quagliero is 46 for 105 in the 2010 season combined with two teams. He has 38 RBI’s, 9 doubles, 3 triples and 1 home run.

Tripp Miller is now 35 for 70 with a .500 avg and 7 doubles. On the same team Tim Schroeder is 24 for 66 putting his avg at .364

For the 12 year old Medford Renegades Zach Amisano is at .342 with a home run while teammate Ryan Bailey is hitting .350 with a home run. Teammate Jake Guertin is hitting .494 with 8 doubles and 10 home runs. Tucker Byrne is at .302 with 3 doubles, a triple and 3 home runs.

12 yrd old John DeSantis from Southampton has 10 home runs on the season and is hitting over the .500 mark. On the same team Cole Bowman is hitting .333. Devon Gilbert is at .435 with 3 doubles and a home run. Conner Klein is hitting near the .400 mark with 4 doubles and about 10 home runs on the year. Garrett Merski is at .378 with 3 doubles and a home run. Andrew warren is hitting .312 with 4 home runs.
Andrew Cannuli of Moorestown has a smashed a fair amount of doubles and planted quite a few bombs over the fence this season…but nothing will be comparable to his outstanding performance on June 19th in a tournament against GVAA. Andrew stepped to the plate three times and launched back to back to back home runs. His first 3 home run game of his career. His swing has become quite powerful for being one of the smallest guys on his team as he is maximizing his power with near perfect mechanics.

12 year old Matt Hare is reporting 2-3 times better stats this season than last season.
13 year old Chase Bromley is 26 for 60 placing his average at .433 and 13 year old Ryan Lange for Medford Old School is now hitting .327. Alex Gambino, playing for Pro-Skills is now hitting over the .600 mark while pounding doubles in to the gaps with ease.

Eric Frain had a .402 batting average for Archbishop Ryan of Philadelphia. He collected 7 doubles, 3 triples and 1 home run. He was named 1st Team All Philadelphia Catholic League at Shortstop. He was selected as a Carpenter Cup Selection and was named one of the top Shortstops in Southeastern Pa. Also awarded “Most Versatile Player” of 2010 by Coaches

Players Perform – May 2010

May 2, 2010

Even with a difficult schedule, I try to find some time on Saturday’s to get to a few games of some of the players that come through We Drop Bombs Baseball Academy to scope out their progress. According to parents and coaches, It seems as if 90% of our hitters are hitting a lot better this season than ever before. Many parents have been emailing and calling about their kids great success in recent games. Since January 2nd we have had hundreds of players come through our Academy.
One player that stood out on the weekend of April 10th and 11th was 10 yr old Kyle Quagliero who put a charge in to the start of his season going 6 for 7 on the weekend with an inside the park grand slam. Over the last year, Kyle has developed some of the best mechanics I have seen coming from a 10 year old.
As of April 12th, Dylan Johannink (pictured) for Shawnee, has been on fire going 5 for his last 7 with 2 home runs, a double, and four walks in his last 3 games. Dylan, a junior at Shawnee High School, has established more of a powerful swing this past winter focusing on his load, upper half and hips exploding through the ball.
On Saturday April 17th, Jamie Kenney had a triple and inside the park home run collecting 3 rbi’s on the day.
Through April 21st, Kevin Boswick of Shawnee’s JV squad is hitting 4 for 8 with one home run. On the mound at the varsity level he is 3-0.
On Saturday April 24th, Evan Welsey had a big game. Evan collected 4 hits including a triple and an inside the park home run.
Through April 30th, Garrett Carella is hitting .633. He is 19 for 30 on the season in Travel and Rec combined, with 9 of those hits being doubles and one a triple.
Michael Johnson is hitting a team high .750 with 2 doubles and a triple through May 3rd.
Through May 8th, Tucker Byrne, on the U-12 AAU is hitting .435 with 3 doubles, a triple and 2 home runs through 13 games.
Andrew Rizzo of Shawnee is hitting 19 for 37 which is a .514 batting average with 6 doubles and a home run.
Ryan Lange and Jeremiah Sabo, who recently made the adjustment to the larger field, are starting off their seasons on a high note. Both are dropping bombs. Sabo has almost left the yard on a few occasions, driving the ball over 300 feet earning doubles and triples. Lange is 11 for his last 14 with a few doubles.
EJ Mangione is shining for the U-9 Arsenal. He is driving the ball to all fields earning singles, doubles and triples. His work ethic behind the plate is extraordinary. He is also throwing base runners out left and right while diving all over making the impossible catches.
Through May 11th, Tripp Miller is 17 for 32 making his average .630 with 4 doubles and a 1.497 slugging percentage.
Hopefully the success for all of these young men will continue on through the rest of their seasons. If any other current We Drop Bombs baseball players have had some recent success, feel free to share it with me via email.