Injuries keeping talent from the SHOW

June 20, 2010

Season after season, a professional baseball player’s worst fear is injury. No matter how much they stretch and how great they take care of their body, the injuries keep coming and coming. Most tend to be muscle strains and broken bones. The worst part is that fans expect their favorite player and teammates to perform at a certain level and if they don’t, well in their eyes they aren’t any good. Unfortunately fans and managers don’t always know what’s going on in the player’s body. Some players remain silent as they play through injuries because they love playing, they don’t want to lose their starting position or they don’t want to let their team down. I for one have battled injuries my entire professional career which kept me from performing at my best. In fact I have even played an entire season with 3 different injuries at the same time. There is nothing more frustrating in the game of baseball than playing hurt and not performing to your abilities. Many players only get one or two opportunities to prove themselves and if at that time
they aren’t healthy, well then they are out of luck. They actually may never play a professional baseball game again. This is what we call the system. The worst part was that when I finally got healthy and to the prime of my game, I started to rake. I was hitting home runs and doubles all over the place in preseason only to later be released. I got a few offers after that from teams but nothing worth taking. The system needs to change. If you have the talent then you shouldn’t be overlooked. Never give up, it only takes one scout or manager to see something in a player that really impresses them to get that player a contract.