Loading Your Hands

March 10, 2010 by  

Loading your hands is extremely important if you want to maximize bat speed. If you start with your hands already loaded, all your doing is slapping at the ball. Hand position is crucial when developing your mechanics. The hitter’s hands should start in front of their rear shoulder. So for right handed hitters, their hands should start by their right ear or right shoulder when looking at the pitcher. For left handed hitters, it should be their left ear and left shoulder. This allows room for their hands to load back. You have to be careful when you load your hands though, you don’t want your front arm to get straight when your hands go back. Your arms should stay bent all the way through to contact and then get extension while the bat is on the ball.
If you don’t think going back before going forward is important, try hitting a golf ball. Try starting with your club in the air and just come forward. How far can you hit the ball? The answer is, not as far as if you go back before coming forward. Another example would be to try throwing a punch by just coming forward or try throwing a ball by just coming forward. Again, both results prove weaker.