Double Major – Baseball and School

May 4, 2009 by  

For those of you still in school who admire and play the game of baseball, the combination of both can be a handful. First things first, school is priority and baseball is second. If you can’t pass your classes you become ineligible and being ineligible keeps you sidelined and miserable. If you become a professional, then things are different, the game then becomes a job. I can remember while growing up that all I wanted to do was hit baseballs over the fence and in to the treetops hoping that the next ball I hit went even further. With that, there were a couple times I let my school work and studies slip. I could have gotten an A in a couple classes but instead settled for the B. I feel that it is my job to remind all young baseball players or athletes to pay attention in school and do what you can to educate yourself and keep your mind working hard. The more your mind works, the more successful you will be mentally on the field. Once you obtain the skill, the game becomes 90% mental. So with this, having a strong mental approach to the game of baseball will allow you to battle out of slumps, hit the best pitchers and have tremendous amounts of confidence. Becoming mentally tough as a baseball player determines whether you will survive in the game long enough to achieve your goals.