Easton Bats Are In!!!

September 15, 2014

Easton’s 2015 line bats are in and available. Feel free to visit our pro-shop during the week, Monday through Friday from 2pm – 8pm to check out the latest merchandise. We carry everything from sun glasses, to gloves, to helmets, to wood bats and more.

Available brands include:

• Easton

• Akadema

• Evo-Shield

• Roach Bats

Strength & Conditioning for Ball Players

March 30, 2014

A lot of people under estimate how important strength and conditioning is for youth athletes. Believe it or not we are even talking about players that are nine and ten years old.

Athletes develop a lot of their talents at an early age. The talents I am referring to are eye hand coordination, speed, balance, body awareness, fast twitch muscles, etc.

In addition it is also important for youth athletes to introduce themselves to strength and conditioning because learning proper form and mechanics is essential for development and injury prevention. Starting your children early will help put them ahead of the game and allow them to play ball a lot longer with less risk of injury.

If you are interested in obtaining more info on our current strength & conditioning program, check out the link below:


Training Starts Now

December 27, 2013

Get Started in our Winter Clinics Today

Every year around the 2nd of January, all the baseball players nationwide begin to practice on their baseball mechanics. This gives them a couple months to work on a few issues they might be having or tune up with where they left off last season.

Even if you are new to the sport or a recreational player, pushing yourself to practice in January through March is a good idea to help you get a head start on everyone else. Don’t wait until the last minute. You need to push yourself if you want to make it to the next level. Most retired baseball players that never made it to the Big Leagues regret not training harder when they were younger. You can never hit, throw, field, lift or run enough. So do it all and do it as much as you can and I guarantee it will pay off whether it be a starting position on your high school team, a college scholarship or a professional baseball contract.

A lifting or sports performance program may also be a good idea during this time of year. We Drop Bombs Baseball Academy also offers a great training program for athletes to develop in body awareness, quickness and strength. Check out our Performance Training page for more information.


For Elite Players: Twice A Week

For Intermediate or Recreational Players: Once a Week


Bombers 12-U finish Fall with 11-3 record in league play.

November 11, 2013

The Jersey State Bombers 12-U squad posted a .370 team batting average this fall, a step up from this past spring / summer season, which ultimately help lead the team to a 11-3 league record. The team also carried an impressive .469 on base percentage.

The offense was powered by three hole hitter Eric Sabato who led the way with his .538 batting average, three home runs and 20 RBI’S. Not far behind him was Brandyn Pokrass who hit .500 with two home runs and 23 RBI’S. Pokrass also had an impressive 9 doubles. Nick Ettore hit .450 with two home runs and 17 RBI’S and Lloyd McLaughlin posted a .411 average with four doubles and a home run. Austin Kane contributed offensively as well with his .404 batting average, 1 home run and 16 RBI’S.

Lloyd McLaughlin set the tempo on the mound in league play while going 3-0 and holding a 2.85 ERA through 15 innings pitched. Austin Kane was 2-0 with a 5.59 ERA. Mike Ott was 4-1.

Bombers finished Season at 43-15

September 17, 2013

Bombers finished Season at 43-15 with 128 home runs, 562 RBI’S, 612 runs scored and a team average of .414.

For many, playing at the 12U age level is a blast. Kids battle for years from the age of six to
eleven to hit their first home run and many do not accomplish this feat until twelve. It’s the year of the home run. Entering 2013, the Jersey State Bombers 12U squad had demonstrated lots of power and everyone expected a big year from the team. Most of the hitters on the team have been getting instruction from We Drop Bombs for 3-4 years and have really developed in to some fine young hitters. There are twelve year olds that impress and put up good numbers and then there are freak twelve year olds that just drop your jaw.

Through 57 games, Nate Liedtka put up an astonishing 125 RBI’S and blasted 38 home runs all while holding a solid batting average of .541. “Everyone in the stands looked forward to watching Nate come up to bat. They were all anxious to see what tree, building, car or sign he was going to hit on the other side of the fence. Liedtka’s home runs were always well hit over the fence and cleared it by several feet.” Said General Manager, Al Roach.

When it comes to power, Matty Christopher is a legend in his age group. Christopher is known for his rocket of an arm on the hill and spontaneous bat speed. He is the type of
hitter that will be blasting balls well over the fence through high school, college and possibly beyond. Through 58 games this season, Christopher collected 91 RBI’S on 31 Home Runs. He carried the offense with Liedtka while hitting .526 and leading the team with 94 runs scored.

 While posting a 43-15 record, of those 15 losses, 7 games were lost by one or two runs. In addition not all games were necessarily played to only win but were rather factored in for development. Our number one goal is teaching the game of baseball and we need to give opportunities to players at different positions to help them prepare for playing high school and college.

“I am very proud of the team. They played well all season long and if they had a bad game, they bounced back right away.” Said coach Chris Murray. The 2013 spring and summer season was Murray’s last season as head coach as he will be stepping down in order to per sue his career in the mortgage business. “It’s hard for me to move past coaching as I really enjoyed it and had the opportunity to meet many nice people. Even though I will not be the head coach, I will still stop in here and there to catch a game when I can.” Said Murray.

Bombers 12 Blue Win Blast at the Beach Tournament

June 3, 2013

Liedtka, Graham & Christopher having field day with opponent’s pitching

20 games played: Team Batting AVG: .400, hits: 208, home runs: 45, RBI’s: 200

Through Memorial Day Weekend, the 12-U Jersey State Bombers Blue competed in the fifth annual Blast at the Beach tournament in Manahawkin, NJ.

On Saturday the team played a double header, first facing the Freehold Warriors, where Nate Liedtka got the nod. The combined pitching effort between Liedtka and Michael Rotindo kept the Warriors to only two runs. The offense was also powered by Nate Liedtka who hammered two home runs and collected 5 RBI’s in the contest. Matt Christopher was 2 for 3 and EJ Mangione was 2 for 2. Michael Rotindo had 3 RBI’s and Cooper Quigley had two RBI’s. The final score was Bombers 12 and the Warriors 2. The game was shortened to 4 innings with the ten run mercy rule in effect.

In game two on the day, the Bombers played the SEPA Knights who hail from south eastern Pennsylvania. They were no match for the Bombers bats once again as they put up double digit runs. Nate Liedtka hit his third home run of the tournament. There were doubles by Sean Dugan, Matt Christopher, Garrett Carella and Ryan Feig. Ryan Graham was 3 for 3, Sean Dugan was 2 for 3 and Nate Liedtka was two for three with 3 RBI’s. The Bombers defense was solid in this game as catcher EJ Mangione threw out two base-runners attempting to steal second base. The final score was 10-5.

On Sunday there was only one game played and it was against the Mayslanding Landsharks. This game also ended in 4 innings as the Bombers tacked on ten more runs in a 10-0 victory. Matty Christopher blasted two home runs in the game while collecting 4 RBI’s. Combined EJ Mangione and Nick Dziuba pitched a no hitter in the four inning game.

Going in to the playoffs on Monday, the Bombers were the number one seed in the tournament so they had a bye. Game one was played against the Mayslanding Muckdogs. The game was close 2-1 with the Muckdogs on top until the bottom of the 5th inning which is when the Bombers put up three runs to go ahead 4-2. Matt Christopher was 2 for 3 with a triple and an RBI. EJ Mangione and Nate Liedtka also both had RBI’s. Nate Liedtka started on the hill and threw three innings while striking out 4. Christopher finished the last three while only giving up two runs and striking out 5. The final ended up being 4-2 with the Bombers on top.

The championship game was no match for the Bombers offense as the power continued. There were three doubles in the contest, one from second basemen Garrett Carella, Utility player Nick Dziuba and outfielder Cooper Quigley. Home runs came off the bat of Carella, Ryan Feig, Ryan Graham and a grand slam by Nate Liedtka. Ryan Graham threw three innings while only giving up three runs and EJ Mangione finished off the fourth inning with a 1,2,3 inning. For the third time in their 5-0 performance in the tournament, the Bombers beat their opponent by 10 or more runs. The final score was 13-3 through four innings of play.

On the Season

  • Nate Liedtka: .552 Avg, 5 doubles, 16 home runs and 61 RBI’s
  • Ryan Graham: .533 Avg, 5 doubles, 8 home runs and 31 RBI’s
  • Matt Christopher: .450 Avg, 5 doubles, 9 home runs and 28 RBI’s

Graham Blasts 5 Home Runs in Tournament

May 1, 2013

Over the weekend of April 27th & 28th, the Jersey State Bombers 12 Blue went 2-1 in a Tag-Em Tournament held in Hamilton, NJ.

The bats were definitely alive most of the weekend as the team pounded 11 home runs in the three games.

Ryan Graham connected for three home runs on Friday night, along with a solo home run by Ryan Feig and a two run shot by Nate Liedtka. However Graham was not done as he bounced back on Sunday with two grand slams in one game against the Hamilton A’s. Offensively, Graham carries a .630 batting average with 6 home runs and 22 RBI’s through seven games.

The Team is 6-1 so far with 20 home runs and a .484 team batting average.

On the season, Nate Liedtka leads the team with a .682 batting average. He also has three home runs and 21 RBI’s in just seven games. Sean Dugan is next on the board with a .647 average with three doubles and a home run. Garrett Carella is hitting .556 with two doubles and a home run.

Matty Christopher has played an important role both offensively and defensively. Christopher has 5 home runs and 16 RBI’s in just 7 games. He has really been dominating on the mound with a much improved fast ball. His off speed keeps hitters off balance and the positive behind it is that he can throw it for a strike pretty often.

They look to continue their season this weekend playing in Flemington, NJ in a Diamond Nation Tournament.

Wood Bats: A Good Training Aid For Young Players

February 20, 2013

With restrictions on aluminum and composite bats today, the end result of the ball coming off the bat is getting closer and closer to that of a wood bat. Without a doubt aluminum bats will make the ball go a little farther, however the end result is not going to help your son sign a professional baseball contract. Young players need to know what it is like getting the ball in on the handle or off the end of the bat. Every bat regardless of whether it is aluminum or wood have a sweet spot. The difference is that the sweet spot on an aluminum bat is bigger than one of a wooden bat which gives kids the ability to make better contact. Even with poor mechanics you can be a successful hitter with the aluminum bat, but this is not going to help your child’s future in baseball. Poor mechanics with a wood bat and the ball goes nowhere. This is why young players should start experiencing the wood bat as early as possible. The wood bat almost forces each player to hit the right way and get a better feel for what has to be done to hit the ball as hard as you can. It becomes a lot harder to judge the velocity of the ball off an aluminum bat versus a wood bat.

At We Drop Bombs we teach the players to use wood bat mechanics even though they are swinging an aluminum bat. So at least when they are ready for the wood bat full time, there aren’t many adjustments needed. Our teaching methods allow the players to maximize bat speed and power all while minimizing head movement.

There have been many cases of great college players using aluminum bats only to then fail at the pro level because they could not adjust. The best method for young players to improve is a combination of both wood and aluminum. How can you accomplish this? Use a wood bat for out of season training and maybe during some team practices during the season. Using the wood bat for the first half of each hitting session and then the aluminum for the last half might be your best bet. You can make the switch to using the aluminum bat 100% of the time on game day. No matter what type of bat you use, and if you can afford it, try to have one bat for batting practice and one for the game.

Buying a youth wood bat:

If you are looking for a good quality training bat, try a Roach Bat. Al Roach Bat’s are one of a kind maple bats customized by Al Roach. These bats are similar to the 110 model floating around on the market. The bats are made of high density wood built for power and balance. The youth bats come in a -5 differentiation from length to weight where as the adult bats are a firm -3. The adult size bat has the capabilities to send baseballs well over 500 feet. These make a great training bat.

Visit The Bomb Shop for more details:  https://wedropbombs.com/bomb-shop/


Ready to Play Ball? Tryout for the JS Bombers

November 16, 2012

If you are a travel player with talent, now’s the time to seek out a good travel program where you can learn the right way to play the game. If you are from the South Jersey area and are considering a new program, look in to the Jersey State Bombers. The Jersey State Bombers have an 11-U team, two 12-U teams and two 14-U teams for the 2013 Season.

Tryout dates for 11U & 14U are Monday November 19th at 6pm. A make up tryout is scheduled for Monday December 17th at 6pm. However, you may not have to wait that long. Email us at wedropbombsbaseball@gmail.com and we may be able to schedule a private workout. We may also consider stellar 10-U & 13-U players by having them play up.

You may also check out our website at www.jerseystatebombers.com

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