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March 6, 2023

New Bombers Logo


For the Fall 2023 season, the Jersey State Bombers will have team tryouts for ages 9U/10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U & 16U.   We are also open to taking players that are below an age level if we feel they are capable of playing up at that level.  We always have roster spots open for most of our age groups.  Sometimes even after the season starts, we have a spot open due to injuries, etc.  We are based out of Medford, NJ and currently play in tournaments and a league based out of South Jersey.  If you are interested in more info, please contact us via email at jerseystatebombers@gmail.com or visit jerseystatebombers.com

Easton Bat Demo Day

November 15, 2016

If you are looking to try one of Easton’s 2017 models, come to We Drop Bombs on Saturday December 3rd from 11am to 1:30pm.

At the day of the event, you have the opportunity to order any of the Easton bats from We Drop Bombs unless we have them in stock.  If we have them in stock, you can certainly pick one up that day.  We will also have softball bats to demo as well.

This is the best time to actually try a bat out and get a feel on if the bat is right for you or not.   This is just in time for Christmas so don’t miss this opportunity.

We also carry Axe, Marucci, and Wood & Baum Bats

WHEN:  Saturday December 3rd 2016          TIME:  11am to 1:30pm

Development Is More Important Than Winning!

August 24, 2016

As a former player and current coach, I can’t stress enough about how development for young players is more important than winning games or being on a good team.  Yes winning is great!   I doubt any coach would try to lose or not care about winning.  We have seen players move around in South Jersey quite a bit just because winning was their priority.  Some have been on 5 teams in 5 seasons.  How does that make a player progress?  It doesn’t!!  The bottom line is, people will rarely ever look back and compliment you on winning championships or tournaments at age 11 or 12 years old.

The real reason for being a part of a club team is for development and to help prepare the player for high school and college baseball.  To make sure that gets accomplished, the first thing you need to look at when joining a club team is how the practices are operating and if the players are being taught the right way to play the game.

If you do join a program, make sure it’s not just because the team won X amount of games or tournaments last season.  Lastly, I’d like you to keep in mind, that just because your child is successful and one of the better hitters or pitchers on the team, does not mean they are doing it correctly.  For the most part, players are usually picked for teams in high school, college and of course professional baseball for their mechanics and or body language.  Bad mechanics and body language will hurt every player at some point in their career.   This is why proper training is recommended as well as playing in private clubs and organizations.   That is called Winning!!


Winter Hitting Clinic – Get In Hitting Shape For Spring!

November 27, 2015



If you are looking to step up your game and advance mechanically to help reduce head movement and maximize bat speed, look in to our weekday winter hitting clinic.  It is the best way to help prepare you for your spring and summer season.   Our program goes for 9 weeks and is designed to help every hitter maximize to their full potential.   The clinic is set up for each hitter to come in twice a week for an hour each time.  Totaling 18 hours of instruction over the 9 week time frame.  It starts January 11th and goes to March 10th.   If you would like to register, check out the link below.


Winter Hitting Clinic



Graham, Christopher & Roach Win 14U National Championship

July 30, 2015


“The 14U Perfect Game Classic was not only hot but it was hot.  Every team had a lot of talent and every game was neck and neck.”  said head coach Al Roach “I think with overall talent, this was the most competitive team that I have ever coached.  Every player had something valuable to offer whether it be a knuckleball to keep hitters off balance or roadrunner-like speed to take second and third base.  It was definitely difficult going down to Florida, barely knowing the players and some how strategically put line-ups together to help the team win.” said Roach.

“The Series” took place between July 16th and July 22nd in Thunderstormville, Fort Myers, Florida, where lightning delays and down pours suspended many of the games and events throughout the week.  Luckily all the games were able to be played and the teams which represented different territories and regions throughout the United States went head to head and battled it out until a National Champion was crowned.   And as the title states it was the North East that won the National Championship as they defeated the South East in the finals 4-1.   Overall the team had a 7-1 record in the series.  Other teams the North East faced were, Central, South Texas, North Texas, South East, the Mid-West and the North.

The 14U Team North East consisted of 12 players.  The roster consisted of two of the Jersey State Bombers, Ryan Graham & Matt Christopher, both of which trained at We Drop Bombs since they were seven years old.   Graham and Christopher also both won individual Game MVP Awards in the series.  Graham started two games and Christopher was used as a closer in a few opportunities.  While not on the mound, Graham played centerfield and Christopher 3rd base.

The Roster Below:

Tate Ballestro – Morristown, NJ
Reece Bolton – Wilmington, Delaware
John Caprella – Lima, Ohio
Matt Christopher – Southampton, NJ
Anthony Dagnello – Nesconset, NY
Jake Delaney – Salem, NH
Jacob Denner – Closter, NJ
Ryan Graham – Southampton, NJ
Brett Lepoer – Lowell, MA
Anthony Petrosino – Oakland, NJ
Shawn Rapp – Mendham, NJ
Max Ruffner – East Setauket, NY

Head Coach – Al Roach
Asst Coach – Bill Mottram
Asst Coach – Tom Rapp





Graham, Christopher, Matta & Dziuba Selected to Play in “The Series”

May 21, 2015

We Drop Bombs & The Jersey State Bombers are pleased to announce that Ryan Graham, Matt Christopher, Craig Matta & Nick Dziuba were selected by Perfect Game to play in “The Series”.   Perfect Game put together teams from each state to compete against each other in a week long event in Fort Myers, Florida, in what they call the World Series of youth baseball.   Both Graham & Christopher have trained with Al Roach in hitting at We Drop Bombs since they were 7 years old and Nick Dziuba since 9 years old.  All three have played for the Jersey State Bombers for several years and have progressed in to being ranked amongst the top players for their graduating year in the state of New Jersey.  Matta is fairly new to the the program.  He resides in Manahawkin and is rated one of the top catchers for his graduating class.  Matta attends St. Augustine Prep in Buena, NJ and currently trains with our catching coach Jim Best.  Graham and Christopher will participate in “The Series” Classic Event from July 16th to July 22nd.  Dziuba and Matta will report August 4th through the 9th for his graduating year.

The Classic event will consist of teams, or territories, from all over the country as they will be divided up by region.  All teams – will compete until a champion is crowned at each age level.   The Bombers players will represent the North East Region.  This is your World Series of Youth Baseball.





Don’t think Hitting the Tee is Embarrassing

April 28, 2015


There are times when you practice when things just don’t seem to work.   Perhaps you are tired, perhaps you are sore or perhaps you are distracted.  No one is perfect.  You can still have great mechanics and hit the tee.  Just because you do in fact hit the tee and maybe it goes flying, that is no reason to hang your head or be embarrassed.  One thing for sure that will help your eye hand coordination is keeping your grip loose.  If you loosen your grip your eye hand coordination will most likely be more accurate and you will hit the ball more solid.




Winter Clinics at We Drop Bombs

November 29, 2014


We Drop Bombs has several winter clinics starting soon.   We offer the best instruction and instructor/player ratio around.  There are plenty of options to choose from including fielding, pitching, catching, two different hitting clinics, a softball clinic and a high school pitchers throwing program.  Take a look at the below links for our upcoming winter training options.   We are also running a special.  If you sign up for a clinic and refer another player who has not trained at our facility before for the same clinic, you get 10% off that clinic.    So if you refer 5 players, you get 50% off.




Weekday Winter Hitting Clinic

Sunday Night Winter Hitting Clinic

Pitching Clinic

Fielding Clinic

Catching Clinic

Softball Clinic

High School Pitchers Throwing Program







Bombers Mixing in New Logo

September 30, 2014


In 2015 the Jersey State Bombers will look at adding a new logo to the mix.     The team will keep the same colors but will expand to new uniforms and an all new look.  The players will also be getting the newest model Evo-Shield batting helmet and Evo-Shield bat bag.   The Jersey State Bombers program is one the most organized is always seeking the best equipment & gear to help their teams compete.   Above, you can see what our new logo on our jerseys will look like for 2015.

The Bombers will be starting their 5th year (10th season) of existence.

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